Event Time: 21.00 /Event Location: BAVENO

11st Edition: the exhibition devoted to contemporary music for guitar back from 1 June to 25 September! "

a country with 6 ropes

It is a nomadic exhibition, devoted to contemporary music for guitar (acoustic or classical), which focuses on the search for new sounds and new musical forms and compositions that combine the most diverse experiences beyond genres or stereotyped classifications.

A choice linked to the passion for this instrument and acoustic music, but also to the fact that right around the guitar you are joining at the international level, and with a strong Italian presence, a technical research of the highest quality, expressive movement and composition. A choice linked to the possibility of giving the tourism sector cultural attractions of quality to raise awareness and enhance this area, and a cultural proposal of high level and low cost to small communities that remain for most of the year off the tourist circuits. The concerts are for free offer, except where noted. Below the 2016 program (in brackets the venue which will host the concert if it rains):


Venerdì 26 – ore 21.00 – DIVERSI PERCORSI JAZZ BAVENO – Piazza della Chiesa Santi Gervasio e Protasio (salone Nostr at domus) Jazz guitar quintet: Luigi Tessarollo (chitarra archtop), Alessandro Chiappetta (chitarra solid body), Enrico Degani (chitarra classica), Mauro Battisti (basso), Enzo Zirilli (batteria). Un concerto davvero unico e originale: il quintetto presenta brani originali dei tre chitarristi arrangiati appositamente per questa formazione. In un accattivante alternarsi di dimensioni musicali vengono valorizzate le differenze stilistiche e sonore delle personalita di ciascuno.

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