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The Sanctuary of Madonna del Sangue is RE (VB), approximately 70.5 km away from downtown (about 1 hour) and is a Marian shrine located in the municipality of Kings, in Piedmont. It is located next to the place where in 1494 a miracle occurred: a small fresco of the Madonna del Latte, hit by a stone, began to bleed.

Hitting sacred images was not unusual in the 15th century Act: for example, a similar episode took place in Forlì, where, it tell the Chronicles, a Marian image, battered by a dagger, blood spurted from the wound, giving rise to the devotion of our Lady of wound, now venerated in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

This shrine is visited by various pilgrimages from the district and is the place of worship of reference of Val Vigezzo. For this church goes the market Street, one of the CoEUR – in the heart of the walks of Europe.